Chevron Houston Marathon & 

Aramco Half-Marathon Amateur Radio Team
Sunday, January 14th, 2024

and the
We Are Houston 5k 

(Aramco & Chevron Sponsors)
Saturday, January 13th, 2024

Amateur Radio Operators, please volunteer for the 2024 Chevron Houston Marathon and associated events during the weekend of January 13 & 14 2024. It is the Houston Marathon’s 52nd Year!

The 2024 Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half-Marathon (SUNDAY, January 14, 2024) needs the participation of over 150 Amateur Radio Operators and to fully staff positions and provide public service communications and related race related operational support. On Saturday, January 13, 2024, the We Are Houston 5K Run provides an opportunity to test our radio equipment for Sunday and the event requires fewer operators. 

This is the 52nd consecutive year for this event.  Amateur Radio Operators are an integral part of the Public Safety and race management activities to help assure the safety and welfare of the runners and an uncounted number of spectators watching the race.  This year, 30,000 participants, 7,000+ volunteers, and 250,000 spectators are expected. 

Amateur Radio Operator Registration

Note “Amateur Radio Operator” positions do not show on the Houston Marathon Volunteer public site and require a special access code of Radio on the regular volunteer page.  This “Radio” code is entered in the “password” field on the Volunteer/ Shift application.   

Please sign up as soon as you can, even though the event seems so far in the future!   If you sign up promptly, you will make the administrative processes smoother.  I have learned by experience that the apparel order is placed in late October.  Additionally, you will be part of the registrants who will get apparel in the size you want and hence, most likely it will fit you!  

Amateur Radio Operator volunteers must register at both the sites listed below:       [Manually insert the PASSWORD:  Radio]

Position Needed

The We Are Houston 5K will be held Saturday, January 13, 2024.   Hams participating need to arrive at 5:00 a.m. and will be released between 10 am to noon depending on assignment 

Categories of Amateur Radio Support Needed

Saturday – 5K (5:00 am until »10:00 am)

The Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon will be held Sunday, January 14, 2024. Hams volunteers need to arrive at 4:30 a.m. and will be released between noon to 2:00 pm depending on assignment. Race Official Shadows may be released as late as 4 PM.

Sunday – Half and Full Marathon (4:30 am – 4:00 pm)

Amateur Radio Operators provide:

Tactical communications for race status, logistical, medical, and emergency support, and operational information using principally 2 m and 70 cm voice and data communications and tracking via APRS and other technologies.

Medical Support (Aid Stations) - status observations and information forwarding to the Unified Command Center (UCC) at the Houston Office of Emergency Management to provide information for medical response management.  

SAG Vehicle coordination information and logistics support for participants’ safety.  Hams relay queue data to assess SAG Vehicle demand for SAG Vehicle scheduling from the UCC.  Hams provide Medical and emergency back-up communications from medical Aid Stations. Hams can provide communications support from SAG vehicles if needed during an incident or emergency response.

Status information for Race Officials and public safety agencies and request to public safety agencies on behalf and at the direction of Race Officials.

Course observation and information reporting as part of the safety operations for race participants, volunteers, and the public.  Information is communicated to Race Officials and Public Safety Officials in the Unified Command Center

Logistics coordination and support Communications facilitator and personal assistance for key Race Officials (Race Officials Shadow Assignments).